pylatexenc 2.10

  • Added pylatexenc.latexencode.PartialLatexToLatexEncoder which can help to avoid double-escaping some existing LaTeX expressions in the string that we want to LaTeX-encode.
  • The pylatexenc.latexencode.UnicodeToTextConversionRule now has a replacement_text_protection field which can be used to override the default replacement_text_protection set on a pylatexenc.latexencode.UnicodeToTextEncoder object. Also the replacement_text_protection fields accept an arbitrary callable object.
  • added some known macro definitions for latexwalker and latex2text, such as \definecolor and \textcolor.
  • Bug fixes (including #57)

pylatexenc 2.9

pylatexenc 2.8

  • latex2text module: Basic support for array and matrix environments. Matrices are represented inline, in the form [ a b; c d ].
  • latexencode bugfix (issue #44)

pylatexenc 2.7

  • Bug fix: the parser now disambiguates $$ as either a display math delimiter or two inline math delimiters as in $a$$b$ (issue #43)

pylatexenc 2.6

  • In latex2text:
    • Bug fix: default behavior of the strict_latex_spaces option in the pylatexenc.latex2text.LatexNodes2Text() constructor
    • fix \le, \ge, \leqslant, \geqslant (issue #41)
    • reorganized the default latex symbol categories

pylatexenc 2.5

  • latex2text: Add support for \mathbb{}, \mathbf{} and some friends (issue #40)

pylatexenc 2.4

  • Bug fixes in how latex2text attempts to recover from parse errors in tolerant mode

pylatexenc 2.3

  • Minor bug fixes in latex2text

pylatexenc 2.2

Version 2.2 brings a few minor bug fixes and improvements over version 2.1:

  • pylatexenc.latex2text supports more LaTeX symbols
  • latex2text and latexwalker command-line utilities accept a new -c option where you can directly specify LaTeX code
  • minor bug fixes

pylatexenc 2.1

Version 2.1 brings a few minor bug fixes to version 2.0.

pylatexenc 2.0

pylatexenc 1.x

See description of updates and changes on the github releases page.